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We buy repairable
PV panels

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With free audits for
PV condition evaluation

90% of all failed PV panels are repairable with the Re-tech PV solution
10 years of technical knowledge repairing PV, we cooperate with tier 1 PV manufacturers
Supporting and complying with environmental sustainability and social development policies
With affordable energy and circular economy

Offering competitively
priced renewed PV panels

With a 10 year functional warranty
Unique specialise in PV solutions and sustainable buisness models
Extending life cycles and fostering high ethical standards of safety and confidentiality

Re-tech is a global PV services provider with numerous patents to repair and renew PV panels.

We have facilities throughout Europe and the US and are actively persuing expansion to other territories.

Global offer
For PV solutions.

1. Mounting, dissasenbling, packing and logistics.
2. Audits for condition evaluation and technical solutions.
3. PV repairs, renovation, recycling and disposal.
4. Selling and procurement for PV panels & products.
5. Evaluation and offer for broken PV panels.
6. Consultancy and contracts for O&M and asset management.
7. Production of tailored PV panels.
8. Erasing ID and brands from PV panels, even within lamination.
9. Service documentation and reports.
10. Tailored PV solutions for products and services.

Full vertical integrated service for the treatment of used PV panels:

1. Repowering.
2. Warranty / guarantee services.
3. Insurance.

More than 1 million PV panels renewed in the past 2 years
We have partnerships with several tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers.
Why we are special
With full integrated services we give a second life to broken PV which others consider unrepairable.
EU and USA facilities, patented design and procedures.
Fully lincensed facilities for used PV treatment following WEE regulation.
All our facilities are fully autorized and certified for PV panels that can´t be renewed and have to be recycled.
Highest standards of confidentiality.
All contents and information related with projects, contracts or clients are strictly confidential.